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Who is Cami?

Hello! My name is Cami Simpson, and welcome to my page!

I am currently 21 years old, and I am completing my final semester as an Industrial & Systems Engineering student at the University of Southern California.

This page is a space to provide insight on the different challenges I’ve completed and will continue to complete each year in the effort of earning your sponsorship. I invite you all to read about the significance and history of each challenge, as well as why I am so passionate about supporting Fundatia Inocenti/Romanian Children’s Relief. Please feel free to check out all my past challenges on the interactive map below!


Why do I do this, you may ask?

Without realizing it at the time, my fundraising efforts began at the age of three. Although I was too young to remember, my mom tells me that for my third birthday, I asked that instead of getting birthday presents from my parents, that we go shopping for items on the wish list for our local Children’s Shelter—a cause that meant a lot to my family. My first experience with the “gift of giving” began at that moment in time.

As I got older, and as I continued to navigate the world of fundraising and charity, I began to understand more how my actions and efforts could actually help make a meaningful difference in others’ lives.

It has been an extremely humbling experience, being able to learn more about the communities around me and why they need our help, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be such a position to support others.

After my third birthday, I decided I wanted to continue that tradition. With my parents’ help at the time, I began my yearly fundraising for children in need by committing to and participating in what I like to call “challenges”: physical tasks like long distance running, trekking for days at a time, and summiting mountains that requires months of training—all pushing me to my physical limit.

When I was 5, I ran a 5k. When I was 6, I ran a 10k. Every year since, I have completed a variety of “challenges” in the hopes to encourage people’s support and advocate for and serve the underserved community.

I was first introduced to the Fundatia Inocenti/Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) organization through my school, TASIS, when my family and I moved to England in August of 2007. I was seven at the time. The following summer, my parents and I visited one of the programs of Fundatia Inocenti in Bucharest, Romania. After spending a week helping care for 23 orphaned babies, working with the three inspiring staff members at the program—who made the absolute most of their resources and dire circumstances—I decided that RCR was the organization that I want to support annually.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with RCR for the past 12 years. I’m so grateful for the numerous opportunities I’ve had to support and volunteer, and I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing community of dedicated, passionate people. Over the years, and after visiting the programs several times, I have seen the tangible results and positive impacts that this organization has had on Romania, her people and her children. I am honored to be a small part of this impact. YOU are a small part of this impact. In a system historically built to go against these children and their families, your generosity and Fundatia Inocenti’s efforts are literally changing their lives. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

If you would like to learn more about Fundatia Inocenti’s Mission & Vision please click HERE. If you would like to hear about my firsthand experience with the programs in Romania from my trip in 2018, click HERE. Lastly, for those of you who are new to my website (welcome!) and are interested in learning more about Romania’s history and why these children so deeply need our help, please scroll to the bottom of THIS PAGE.

The children of Romania continue to be in dire need of our support. Your donation will help provide education, therapy, healthcare and hope. PLEASE consider donating to the Romanian Children’s Relief fund; ANY AMOUNT would be greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you so much for reading my story and supporting this organization, and please check out my upcoming challenge!



Cami Simpson, her sister, her mom, and her dad, came with me in the summer of 2008 to the Romanian Children’s Relief program in Bucharest. Cami was just eight years old. She spent each day with the babies, playing with them, feeding them, and loving them. I was so touched by her gentle way, as well as her inner strength. This visit began Cami’s dedication towards raising awareness and funds for the children that are served by the programs run by RCR. Cami has taken part in raising money in a variety of ways, including running races and climbing mountains! I am so impressed with her continued commitment and care towards the children. I know that she says that I inspired her, but all I can say is that Cami inspires me!
Wendy Gediman
a teacher at TASIS, the American School in England
Even though is was nearly 10 years ago, I remember Cami as a very sweet little girl very interested in playing with the babies, holding them and even feeding them! She showed a lot of care towards the children and even though she was very young, she proved to be very skilled in handling them. Cami had a great interest in the children’s stories, and would listen very carefully to learn all she could about the children in the program. It was obvious she cares a great deal about the children. I am impressed to see that even now, after so many years, she is still caring about the less fortunate babies she met and she keeps helping us in our work. I would like to say, ”Multumesc foarte mult, Cami!” for you constant dedication and big heart!
Iuliana Tudor
Fundatia Inocenti – RCR Child Life Program Manager IOMC Rusescu Hospital, Bucharest
What I admire greatly about Cami is her leadership style. She does things quietly and gracefully. She has a positive attitude with a smile that is irresistible and she leads by example through her strong work ethic and dedication. Despite her young age, she already knows what is important to her. Fundraising for RCR Inocenti is simply a manifestation of staying true to her value of helping others who are less fortunate than herself. Cami is my neighbor. I am thoroughly impressed with this young lady and am pleased to support her again this year for the Grand Canyon Challenge…. GO CAMI!!!!!!
Virginia Guilfoile
I’m not surprised with Cami’s dedication to helping the children! Cami puts her heart and soul into everything she truly believes in! Obviously, the children in Romania made a lasting impression on her at an early age! She’s an unusual teenager that puts the wellbeing of others before herself. When she found out that our daughter Hailey needed extra help with reading, she carved time out of her rigorous academic schedule to tutor her for an entire year! We all look forward to seeing Cami complete her latest hiking challenge in support of your foundation!
Silvana Bloom
I’ve known Cami her entire life, literally. She was born down the hall in the same hospital as my son, a mere two days apart. I’ve had the pleasure to watch her grow and become the amazing young lady she is today. Cami has always been a very sweet, caring, and insightful child. She has the uncanny ability to sense the needs of others and her antennae is always up, sensing when someone needs a little help, hug or words of encouragement. Unselfishly, she seems to put the needs and wants of others above her own. At an early age, she began trying to make the world a better place by finding ways to the less fortunate, particular children. She’s a real inspiration. It’s not often that a young person appreciates their own blessings and is concerned with the needs of others, but Cami does! Her experience early in life at the Romanian Children’s Relief made a huge impact on her. She was touched in a profound way and was called to action. By simply hearing her heart felt stories, she called other to help too. As she prepared for her second visit I recall being moved to want to help her make a difference by purchasing essentials (like onesies) that she could take with her. What impresses me the most about Cami is that she gives of herself. She doesn’t just ask for money, she puts her heart and soul into earning it. She sets a physical challenge annually, she trains and pushes herself to perform rather than simply asking for a donation. Knowing sweet Cami as well as I do, I’d be willing to bet she’s thinking of the kids she’s helping every step of the way! I can’t wait to see what she tackles next! The world is a better place because of her caring and kind soul. May God bless Cami and her beloved Romanian Children’s Relief.
Liz Richardson
We have known Cami and her family for almost 10 years. We met when our families were both ex-pats in the UK. We have witnessed first hand the amazing energy, compassion, and dedication Cami has for RCR Inocenti. Deep within Cami’s heart she has the drive to make a difference… and she does make a difference in everything she accomplishes! She has touched so many people with her passion to help others. She has run races, climbed mountains, visited and helped children in need as well as given presentations to help support causes close to her heart. Cami and her family are an amazing example of how one can make a difference and Cami, your passion is contagious! Congratulations on your 9th fundraiser for RCR Cami!
The Gobron Family

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