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The Child Life Program was initiated in Bucharest in 1990 in collaboration with several hospitals and universities in the United States, including Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Wheelock College. Now, the Inocenti Child Life program’s active partner for both education and knowledge exchange is John Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, USA.

In 1998 the “Child Life” program was implemented in Bistrita-Nasaud County, at the County Emergency Hospital.

Emotional support

Art therapy

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We aim to prevent and remedy the negative effects of hospitalization on children and their families, focusing on:

  • decreasing the level of anxiety in children and parents;
  • decreasing hospital psycho-social trauma;
  • facilitating faster and more effective medical recovery;
  • adaptive processing of the hospital experience.
  • For the abandoned infants: care related activities, neuropsychomotor development assessment prior to establishing a personalized intervention plan, play therapy and multisensory stimulation.
  • For children admitted for treatment: non-formal education activities, recreation, socialization. For children who cannot come to the playroom, the activities take place in the ward where they are admitted. 
  • For parents, legal guardians or other caregivers: information and competence building training sessions on child development and care, recognition of developmental delays, prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome, nutrition classes, mother-child hygiene, etc. 
  • Special events such as Christmas celebrations, Easter events, special visits, 1st June etc.

The programme is carried out in collaboration with the Bistrița-Năsăud County Emergency Hospital

During 2022, the Inocenți team of specialists supported:

  • 368 children and teenagers
  • 215 parents and legal guardians

Adriana Rus, Psiholog – 0722371532

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Inocenți specialists have developed materials adapted to the psycho-emotional needs of children and adolescents: Inocenți Foundation psychologists support children and adolescents with a series of materials adapted to their psycho-emotional needs. These can also serve adults as tools for raising awareness and understanding of children’s developmental periods and for dealing with challenging situations.

Therapeutic stories for hospitalized children and their families

These stories are designed to help children and their families cope with hospitalization by understanding the emotions behind some symptoms and presenting medical procedures using age-appropriate language.

Information booklets for teenagers

We bring relevant information to teens on six of the most prevalent mental health topics: ADHD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, specific phobias, anger and frustration management.

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