Inocenti at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj


Today the Inocenti/RCR team including Mike Carroll – President of RCR and Fundatia Inocenti, Joan Peterson- Early Intervention Specialist and Alina Tomsa, communication and development director F.I., travelled to Cluj for a series of special academic events dedicated to the students at the Faculty of Psychology in Babes Bolyai University. Prof. Univ. Dr. Oana Benga, director and founding member of the Child Development Department, and her team of dedicated assistants organized 2 academic seminars and 1 Hand Held screening for us in one of the amphitheaters of the modern faculty center.


Our seminars were structured in a way that they could provide rich learning opportunities to both Master graduate students and undergraduate ones.
An estimate of 150 students attended in the seminars all together. The following day, the faculty hosted a screening of the Hand held documentary and we were happy to see it was very well received by a full amphitheatre who continued long after the end of the movie with many comments and questions addressed to Mike. We were thrilled to see much interest and engagement on the part of so many young minds. Many of them came up to us at the end of each of our meetings to ask how they could become involved, when and where can they become volunteers and to express their gratitude for the inspiration they received.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Oana Benga, to her young team of assistants and to the entire Psychology Faculty in Cluj for the excellent organisation and welcoming atmosphere. We are happy to have the full collaboration of the Babes Bolyai University.

November 2015

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