Ways to support usRedirect 20% of your company's income tax


Companies can direct 20% of their corporate tax to an NGO that supports a social cause, and the expenses are deductibleWith sponsorships like this, our programs become more sustainable, we can grow more efficiently and reach more children and families in need.


How can companies get this tax relief?

The payment is made directly to the chosen NGO and not to ANAF (National Revenue Agency).
For the amount to be deductible, the following conditions must be met:

  • the payment must be made to an NGO;
  • the amount must not exceed 20% of the payable amount;
  • the amount must not exceed 5‰ of the business turnover;
  • the payment must be made by 31 December of the tax year in which the tax relief is sought;
  • the donation is made on the basis of a sponsorship contract signed with the chosen NGO.

What are the advantages for your company?

This type of sponsorship does not involve any additional costs and does not affect the company’s net profit.

You have the freedom to choose exactly where these funds go, thus supporting a cause that interests you, adding the benefit of having visibility on the context in which the money is invested in the community.


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