About the project

Children and teenagers from the Inocenti educational programs in Bucharest, but also from Ukrainian families, participated in numerous workshops and events in the summer of 2022. All the artistic activities were possible thanks to our supporters and friends, as follows:

  • Vadim Ghirda – photojournalist (photo workshop – Photo Voice)
  • Veronika Vitvitska – artist from Ukraine (watercolor workshop)
  • plastic artists from the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center (Ebru workshop)
  • Jim Denison – teacher at the American School of Paris (pottery workshop)
  • Alina Tomșa-Bogdanffy, psychologist (expressive arts workshops)
  • students from the Asian Studies Department of the Romanian-American University (Japanese calligraphy workshop).

MEDIAMoments from the artistic activities


"Summer of Art” Exhibition

Inocenti Photo Voice was just one of the activities held within the Summer of Art project, in which Romanian and Ukrainian children were amateur photographers under the friendship’s umbrella. Through this project, we aimed to understand how teenagers’ voices can be heard through photography and supported them to find the confidence needed to define their identity and to create new friendships.

Photo Voice was a photography workshop dedicated to a number of 25 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18, both Romanian and Ukrainian.

The project took place during the summer of 2022 and together we demonstrated that language barriers can be overcome and that young people can express their feelings and emotions in different artistic ways. Our main partners were professional photographers who supported the children during the workshop, shared their experience and guided them in the artistic process.

Over 60 photographs taken within the Photo Voice project, as well as other art objects made by the participants could be admired during the “Summer of Art” Exhibition, organized by the Inocenti Foundation – Bucharest Branch, in partnership with the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Children (FONPC) on September 14, 2022, at the National Library.