Volunteer’s Gala – Inocenti Bistrita


Fundatia Inocenti Bistrita hosted the Volunteer’s Gala – Inocenti Bistrita, an event dedicated to all those who choose to donate their time, talents, energy, and different abilities for the benefit of children and families in need.


The event was attended by all the volunteers who work in the Inocenti programs of Bistrita, Beclean and Nasaud, or with partner NGOs, and also by few dear friends and representatives of public institutions that significantly contributed to our activities and programs. The Inocenti professionals awarded these wonderful volunteers who responded to our call to help children in need.

The artistic program was offered by the children in the Slatinita educational program who charmed the audience with dance, theatre and pantomime performances.

The activity was organized within the “Inocenti Volunteers in Action!” project, financed non-reimbursable from the budget of Bistrita-Nasaud County.

October 2017

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